Whatever the world we now live in, we know there are people who find irreplaceable beauty in it and genuinely wish to protect it. Their wish and existence are small, yet strong, and affect people around them little by little. Their love and the beliefs will be passed on to many people, and become a big wave that changes the world.

We, Hitoshizuku Inc., are the first PR agency in Japan specializing in social good & NPO’s, that supports people working with hitoshizuku (“a single drop,” in Japanese) – the thought that “we want to change the world for good.” Japan is now said to be “an advanced nation in social issues.” We address those social issues with various people in companies, NPOs, and citizens throughout the country.

Our Thoughts / Logo & Name

Our Logo:
The single drop will become
the great ocean.

The white represents each drop coming out to drop down. The blue represents each drop becoming waves in the great ocean.

There are earnest thoughts and attempts in the world, but many people don’t know those pure stories yet. We want to make them shine with our support.

Each one of the stories might be ephemeral. However, our belief is that each story will be a single drop – “Hitoshizuku” that changes the world.

Our Name:
We, “Hitoshizuku”
provide communications support
to “person” and “one”

We provide wide range of public relations and communications support to professional “person(Hito in Japanese)” and “companies (legal person)” who are earnestly addressing social issues.

To solve social problems, we think that “the conceptualization of the problems”, “the significance to you (your story)” and “the existence of a leader” are necessary – what the problems are, where they are, how they can be solved, what you have to do to solve them, and who you are working with. We start from having a honest conversation, knee to knee with you.

Then, we decide the approach and provide our assistance as a partner who looks in the same direction and solves problems together, walking side by side with the “person”.

There’s a tale called “Kurikindi, a Golden Bird” in Ecuadorian folklore. In it, a hummingbird flies back and forth, each time carrying single drop of water to put out a mountain fire. All the animals who ran away from the fire laugh at the hummingbird, saying, “Why are you doing that?”, but the hummingbird answers: “I am only doing what I can do”.

This story tells us that, however small, any “one” action or thought of those who make a move has a purpose, and that it is important to respect it. As a public relations agency for the social good and NPOs, we will provide proper support with care.

Staff Profile

Hiroshi Kokubo
Hitoshizuku Inc. CEO

After starting his career at an advertisement agency, he worked at a public relations agency, where he launched a team specialized in environment and CSR communication. After gaining additional experience from starting up a public relations team at a film production company’s promotion department and a company specializing in social business ventures, he started his own business. He identifies his work as “public relations direction to solve social problems”, and supports people addressing social issues in their public relations area, which also includes building firm public relations foundations for NPOs and NGOs.

Winner of International Marketing Excellence Award 2014: Gold Prize; The 12th JPM Planning Solution Award “Best Promotional Program Award”

Fumitake Sakamoto
Corporate Adviser

His career as a consultant varies from public relations for companies to management in Japan and the United States for organizations whose main goal is to solve problems in daily life, such as NPOs and companies exercising social responsibility. He now is a board member of Medical Studio.

Writer of “Management of NPO” (Nikkei Inc.), “Environmental CSR Declaration – Company and NGO” (Dobunkan Publishing), “Borderless CSR” (Dobunkan Publishing), etc.

Mami Kaneko
Public Relations Division, Public Relations Conductor

She launched a public relations team at an international youth environmental organization, “A SEED JAPAN” when she was in university, and started her career at a public relations agency after graduation. She has experienced public relations consulting, planning and holding press conferences at wide range of fields such as food and beverages, household goods, stationary, publishing, automobiles and financials. Within this time, she was sent to a PR department of an advertisement company to be in charge of their PR risk management. She have also worked for a TV station’s management department of a news program for overseas, and experienced back office support for news production team.

Asuka Takahashi
Public Relations Division, Public Relations Conductor

As she realized the importance of an NPO’s public relations from her experience at an NPO while in university, and took her path to a public relations agency after graduation. With her wide and varied public relations experience which ranges from home appliances, foods, video games, health appliances to foreign currency software, she took her role in PR strategy planning, PR consulting, the crafting of press releases and media relations. She is also in charge of organizing press conferences and events/exhibitions for the public. Master of Information & Communication Studies.

Nobuhiro Omori
Public Relations Division, Public Relations Conductor

In his four-year experience at a major public relations agency, he was in charge of a sporting goods manufacturer, consumer goods manufacturer, drug company, software company, local government (Toyama prefecture), golfing goods manufacturer, etc. His experience in media relations ranges from creating press releases to planning various events, supporting a wide range of public relations from BtoC, BtoB to internal communications. After that, he chose the next stage at a platform planning & management company whose main field was bookstores, and there, he was in charge of Internet and social media promotion, direct communications such as fliers & point-of-purchase tools, PR and branding. He also was the main administrator of a professional women’s golf-tournament sponsored by his company. After gaining further experience as a freelance consultant, he joined our team.

Yoko Ushijima
Creative Department, Creative Conductor

After graduating university, she studied art abroad, and worked for a staffing & real estate company. She joined us with an extensive work experience in assisting executives, project management, launching new departments and building company structures.
She has been highly interested in how things work and all kinds of phenomena, and personally engaging in creations with “wholeness” and “laws of nature” as its theme. Her recent works features drops changing its form with time.

Takako Chiba
Creative Director

After graduating from university, she started working for a production company which specialized in print & web media. As an editor/web content director for co-op’s PR, she developed and created agriculture & food-related contents for print media, web, and mobile apps. In 2016, she became a freelancer and moved to Irokawa ward in Nachi-Katsuura, Wakayama, Japan and started her own firm and provided PR services for the area. She joined Hitoshizuku Inc. around the same time, and telecommutes. In 2017, she launched “iroilo”, baked sweets using local food.

Rieko Sato
Creative Department, Creative Conductor

After graduating university, she worked for a major toy manufacturer for 6 years, engaging in its marketing and publicity, and became a housewife. In between housework and raising children, she created a wide variety of works such as craft, painting, pottery and calligraphy, and joined several exhibitions. With that experience, she started to work with us as a creative conductor, her work involves office layout, booth planning at exhibitions and interior coordination. She is also in charge of planning projects targeting mothers and families with small children.

Satoko Ekberg Sustainability

She has a substantial track record in sustainable management, business development and human resources development assistance – she had engaged in managing networks among government, industrial, academic and public organizations; planning the Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development; development of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies in Tohoku University; and assistance of planning BoP business, and she became a CEO of One Planet Cafe Ltd. Her recent works include being a consultant related to sustainability based on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and also devoted to the Ethical Banana Paper project, a collaboration of discarded banana fiber in Zambia and traditional method of Japanese paper. In 2016, this banana paper has obtained the first fair-trade certification in Japan.

Peo Ekberg Sustainability

Born in Sweden. After working as an environmental journalist, he became a director and sustainability producer of One Planet Cafe Ltd., engaging in consulting with his knowledge about sustainability in Sweden, an environmentally advanced country. He also organized observation tours to Sweden, and made some media appearances on environmental TV and radio programs. In 2008, he was introduced as an environmental leader on BBC’s Website “Hero” alongside former Vice President of the United States Al Gore.

NameHitoshizuku Inc.
Address3–33 Kitanakadori Naka-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa 231–0003 JAPAN
Overseas bases : Norra Kyrkogatan 26, Visby, Gotland, Kingdom of Sweden
Phone81 45 550 4141
PresidentHiroshi Kokubo
EstablishedMarch 2016
BusinessAdvertising & Public Relations Agency
Planning & Produciton of Social Good Projects
LawyerJunna Tei / Yokohama First Law Office
Tax AdvisorSatoru Motokoide / Uniques Money Advisory
Labor and Social Security Attorney
Office Work Innovation