Nippon Computer Dynamics Co., Ltd.

Strengthening the foundation of public relations and supporting press conferences

We're supporting their bicycle parking project, an environmentally friendly means of transportation. In addition to building a foundation of public relations, we gave broad support from branding to press conferences for new product launches.

The Nippon Computer Dynamics develops and operates more than 1,500 bicycle parking sites for over 500,000 bicycles throughout the country, setting their goal on promoting a “modal shift,” which is to change transportation means to environmentally friendly ones.

Hitoshizuku Inc. has been attending their regular PR meetings of the bicycle parking project to build a firm PR foundation and to support their PR person. Also we've been giving suggestions by utilizing our network and providing consecutive support for their product development, branding and press conferences for new product introductions.

CL: Nippon Computer Dynamics Co., Ltd.

D:Nobuhiro Omori


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