Shanti Volunteer Association

Isolating problems with public relations and planning annual schedule

With an objective view on the issues, we've contributed to Shanti Volunteer Association's strong public relations foundation by sorting out the functions of their public relations and giving advice on creating a team.

Shanti Volunteer Association is an NGO dedicated to providing educational support and emergency relief activities for children throughout Asia for over thirty years. Upon their request for building a stronger PR foundation as they made their mid-long term plans, Hitoshizuku Inc. clarified their PR issues and planned their PR strategy.

Upon reviewing the problems, we suggested organizing works and campaigns of the PR department, and also suggested how to share information within the department. We've been attending their regular meetings and providing continued support. In addition, we are giving comprehensive assistance, such as hosting a focus group, conducting a survey on PR, organizing documents and checking their press releases.

CL: Shanti Volunteer Association

D:Hiroshi Kokubo


NameHitoshizuku Inc.
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PresidentHiroshi Kokubo
EstablishedApril 2016
BusinessAdvertising & Public Relations Agency
Planning & Produciton of Social Good Projects
LawyerJunna Tei / Yokohama First Law Office
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