Kazuno City, Akita, Japan

Multi-support for raising public awareness of the local attractions

“How can we edit and show the charms of Kazuno City to encourage a young generation to move to the city?” – with this viewpoint in mind we are supporting the city as they strengthen their public relations by providing information, inviting the media, holding events and creating press releases.

The Kazuno Life promotion team in the Kazuno City Office works on sharing the charms of the life in Kazuno to increase the number of people moving to and settling there. In order to enhance their public relations, Hitoshizuku Inc. planned and implemented the “Kazuno Editing Conference”, where we edited the charms of the city with the chief editor of a magazine as an instructor, created a fact book, had media tours and invited the media to the city.

In the fact book, we divided the city's charms into nine categories. With carefully selected and edited information of their various charms, we made the fact book into a tool, not only for the year, but for long-term continuous use. In addition what we were commissioned to do, we also provided a total support (including assisting their events and networking) so that they can achieve strong public relations.

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EstablishedApril 2016
BusinessAdvertising & Public Relations Agency
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