Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Japan

Strengthening public relations foundation and building a relationship with stakeholders

We planned a public relations strategy to encourage sustainable forest management, and have public relations and stakeholder meetings throughout the year. We have been contributing to obtaining FSC Japan's firm public relations foundation.

FSC Japan is making various efforts to spread the idea of FSC certification in Japan, and to make a society where people have easy access to FSC-certified products. In order to enhance their PR campaign, Hitoshizuku Inc. is planning their public relations strategies and supporting their PR personnel. Specifically, we redesigned their news releases, crafted their PR message, supported their Social Network Service operation and built up their media contact list. We also have regular public relations meetings with them, and support producing creative materials such as pamphlets.

Additionally, in order to build strong partnerships with individuals in charge of FSC-certified products at various companies we hold regular stakeholder meetings.

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