World Wide Fund (WWF) Japan

Building a foundation for a new public relations team

To reform their new public relations team, we supported them starting from their team building. We've been attending their team meetings throughout the year giving advice to them, and contributed to enhancing WWF Japan's public relations system.

WWF Japan is a global conservation organization. As a part of the WWF's international network throughout the world, it takes a role focusing on the environmental impact of Japan’s importing and consumption on the world and nature conservation within Japan, which is valuable for the world as well. Hitoshizuku Inc. was called upon to help reform the public relations system in conjunction with the company's reorganization, and to support designing the team and building up their work. We suggested splitting their work amongst the team and how to share information within the team. We've been supporting them even after our initial proposals by attending their regular meetings. We also introduced tools to make team communication more efficient, and directed their profile photographs.

In addition, we conducted a hearing with several media outlets to collect information about what kind of information is needed by people. After building up their foundation, we have been continuously supporting them as their partner by, for example, building a system for sharing their media appearances, and providing guidance on using Social Network Services to promote events.

CL: World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan)

D:Hiroshi Kokubo


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